Basic Skin Care. FOR MEN!

If you are a man and you are reading this…it’s ok. I won’t tell anyone.

See…this isn’t scary…pretend I’m Jay Z and we’re just chillin’ and everything’s cool… I’m just Jay Z…talking to you about skin care.

We’ve gotten past the awkward “guy liner” stage and have settled on the fact that it is perfectly acceptable for guys to have a skin care routine. In fact, it’s practically mandatory.

Skin care doesn’t have to take over your bathroom (unless you have a girlfriend…I’m sorry. It’s what we do) or be complicated and unachievable.

 For your basic routine you just need 4 products -not including shaving based products…1 step at a time! Here is a rundown of those products and how they can help your skin to look its best.

BASIC Skin Care Routine:

1.       Exfoliator:

Also known as a face scrub. If you haven’t used a face scrub before I urge you to do it ASAP.  When we are younger our skin sheds it’s outer skin cells on its own, but as we age our skin cells hold firmly together and become more dense. This is where exfoliating particles help to remove the dead outer skin cells leaving our skin soft and suple.

Exfoliating regularly also helps to lift your beard hairs, giving you a smoother shave and prevents ingrown beard hairs…what more could you ask for?


(Image courtesy of

2.       Cleanse:

This is the one you probably do already (she says hopefully). This is your basic of basics. Normal bar soap is too harsh for the skin on your face, this is why you need to spend money on a face wash. Leaving your skin to it’s own devices you will get a build up of dirt, pollutants and sebum (oil) all of which lead to spot prone, dull skin. Using a face wash ensures you are removing these from the skin leaving you with a healthy clear complexion.

Seriously if you CBA doing anything else…please, please, please…at least wash your face! If you can stretch to doing it morning and night that will ensure you are continually removing 8-12 hours of dirt from your skin, which is the prime step for preventing spots.

3.       Tone:

So….I admit I am not great at this step myself…so if you have to skip a step let it be this one! However, before you dismiss toner completely let me tell about its wonders.

If you have particularly oily skin and find that your skin becomes greasy quickly after washing, you will find a toner will help keep these oils away for longer. An astringent toner is alcohol based which helps strip those excess oils from your face (you will be shocked to look down at your cotton pad to see just how filthy your face actually is, even after washing!)

Toner also helps tighten the skin by reducing the size of your pores, so if you find your pores are enlarged a toner could help you. If you choose to incorporate this step you must follow with a moisturiser, or your face will dry out!

4.       Moisturise:

Ever get those weird flaky bits of skin on your face? Use a moisturiser. Ever feel like your skin is tight after washing it? Use a moisturiser. Don’t want to end up looking like Keith Richards at 35? Use a moisturiser.

Moisturisers help by filling the air gaps between skin celss with liquid, this keeps your skin hydrated and less prone to dryness. When hydrated the top layers of your skin become more translucent so you should see an immediate change in your skins appearance after applying, as light will reach the deeper layers of your skin giving you a healthier looking face!

For extra protection try and find one with SPF, to avoid the daily damage caused by the sun.


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Quick Product Run Down:

When buying your products it is necessary to decipher what type of skin you have.

Is your face often shiny? You’ll want products aimed at oily skin

Do you find your skin is often flaky? You’ll want products aimed at dry skin

Do you get a mix of both of the above? (Shiny forehead but dry chin) You’ll want products aimed at combination skin

And if you often find you come out in a rash go for the sensitive range.

The top 3 ranges I would recommend if you are feeling lost are:

Boots Botanics– Currently ½ price at Boots

Bull Dog– Currently ½ price at Boots

Dove +Care– Currently Save a 1/3 on these products at Boots

The main thing is to experiment with different brands and see which products work best with your skin. So you can be less…


And more…

Are there any products out there that you would recommend, or urge men to steer clear of?

Let us know below!


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