DIY Hair Mask (Only 2 Ingredients!)


Everyone loves a natural solution to skin/hair care…especially if it saves £4 on some new, wonderful, miracle product that will smooth out your skin, fix your damaged hair and be your best friend all at the same time!

However…if you’re anything like me you will see ‘Homemade Something or Other!!’ *click* and then you’re faced with a list of ingredients you’ve never even heard of let alone have in your cupboard (am I the only one that doesn’t have a vat of coconut oil sat in their kitchen?!).  And then a recipe?!

 Aint nobody got time for that.

So my lovelies, once a month I will aim to bring you homemade beauty tips that have the minimum amount of ingredients. No muss, no fuss.

(Maybe a little muss…)

Honey and Olive Oil Hair Mask


Muss level: 3/5

I would advise this is one to do with friends or loving family (thank you to my mum and sister!)

Wear clothes you don’t mind getting sticky!

For one person with a little left over I would say mix together 4 tbsp. olive oil and 6 tbsp. honey until you form a thick paste

If you add the olive oil into the bowl first then the honey, the honey won’t stick to the spoon!

 (Just keep stirring it will mix I promise!)

Then simply slap it on!


This bit is messy; the easiest method is to use your hands! If this grosses you out…the only thing I could suggest would be to buy some disposable gloves and/or one of those squirty sauce bottles, so you’re essentially putting it on like box hair dye. But the bare hand method creates a lot more laughs!

Once on, wrap your head in cling film to keep all the gunk off your face and clothes. I’d say leave it on for a minimum of 15 mins.

Then just jump in the shower, shampoo it off and style as normal!

It did leave my hair feeling a lot thicker and if you rub it into your nails it makes for a great cuticle moisturiser.

However it didn’t give me that silky smooth feel that I love from a good intense treatment. Would I recommend this over shop bought conditioners….mmm…no….. but it is good if you are strapped for cash or fancy having a fun night with the girls (save the extra money for ice cream!)

Have you tried this hair mask? Or have any D.I.Y hair care tips? Let us know below!


3 thoughts on “DIY Hair Mask (Only 2 Ingredients!)

  1. I personally like olive oil just on it’s own – it makes your hair uber silky, shiny, AND helps with dandruff! I used to have psoriasis on my scalp and after years of using various medicated shampoos/creams that was what eventually got rid of it.

    • Olive oil is a fab conditioner, I’ve heard lots of good things about it for dry scalp.

      Think leaving it on longer would help, I left this mask on for an hour and a half…and I can’t say it had any major effect.
      Having said that I rarely suffer from dry scalp (usually opposite if anything) so you may see a greater benefit from it than I did! X

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