Spring 2014 Nail Art Trends

We are well into 2014 now and my nails are finally looking presentable, after being smothered in gel polish and glitter over Christmas!

So, ignoring the fact that there is hail pelting at the window and I am more icicle than human, I’ve scoured the web to see what spring means for nails this year…and I have to say there is a stark contrast to the oxbloods and heavy metalics we saw during a/w 2013.

But, perhaps that’s just what we need to come down from the glittering highs that the party season inevitably brings!

   Floating nail art:

SAMSUNG CSC Floating nail art is set to be kind of a big deal for spring/summer 2014! The idea is to use a nude base colour, or just your natural nail and add a simple nail art design over the top. I personally am becoming a big fan of this look; it’s clean, simple and very office friendly. ·         Line details:


Ah lines…the wonderful nail art staple. If all creativity fails you, you can always trust a simple line to save the day! And good news, they are bang on trend! Foil lines, vertical lines, chevrons, or even a noughts and crosses style grid…so long as you have a steady hand or a lot of scotch tape you can’t go wrong.

 ·         Embellished white:


I have to be honest…white nail polish does nothing to inspire me. However, I don’t completely hate this look. To achieve it, slap on a white base and then top them off with crystals, coloured tips or black dots for a more monochrome look. Experiment with this and you’re sure to find whites that excite!

 ·         Natural sheer polish:

Boring? Maybe a little, however it’s a look that screams classic elegance. I would suggest keeping on top of your nail maintenance for this look as there is nowhere for you to hide cracks and rough cuticles with this one! (I highly recommend Sally Hansen’s ‘Healthy Cuticles Now!’ just dab a small blob at the bottom of each nail and rub it in daily. Your nails will thank you…I know mine have!)


 ·         Anything goes!

Let’s be honest…the majority of catwalks are keeping it simple for spring, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Nail art isn’t going anywhere any time soon and there are some amazing artists out there, creating all sorts of unique designs. (Check out http://www.wah-nails.com/archive)  So as far as I am concerned anything goes! Have a play and see what magic you can create at your fingertips…

What’s your favourite nail trend for spring?  Share below!


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