Valentine’s Nail Art Inspiration!

Are you a seasonal nail artist or do you just fancy making that extra effort for your special someone this Friday?

Well if you are stuggling for inspiration I have 3 Valentine’s inspired looks for you to get your creativity flowing…



Inspired by Queen B’s XO, what’s cuter than hugs and kisses at your fingertips?! Here I’ve chosen a pale pink and added my hugs and kisses on with a red nail art pen. You could also try this look with a red base and white nail art pen, or change the colours up completely to make it wearable throughout the year.



If you fancy being a bit saucy give this corset look a go!

I used a hot red base on all nails, and then used a black nail art pen to add the corset design to the ring finger.


For extra detail a red glitter polish to the sides and a gold ribbon running through to finish it off!


On the other nails I added black and gold tips to tie the design together



This design reminds me of those little fluffy heeled shoes that seem to only be worn with lingerie! But what’s more fun than fluffy nails?! You can find this fur effect fluff at Superdrug as part of their Makeup Academy range (only £2 at the minute) it comes in light and hot pink, blue, violet and burgundy-I have gone for the light pink!

Start with a hot pink base coat and allow this to dry fully. Then paint a white heart on your chosen nail (we chose the ring finger)


and while the varnish is still wet dip your finger into the fluff then blow off the excess


(It’s sometimes easier to pick the fluff up with a pair of tweezers and press it onto the wet varnish-slightly less messy!)

Repeat the process on the other nails replacing the heart with a fluffy tip!


It’s a lot easier than it looks! And the fluff can last a good couple of days (it isn’t ruined by washing your hands, but I found after about 3-4 days it starts to look a little grubby)

So no matter what kind of Valentine you are there is a design for you! Share your Valentine’s design ideas with us below!


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