I Choo Choo Choose….ME! -Valentine’s Day for Singles

So Valentine’s Day is looming around the corner and if, like me, Cupid has given you the year off…why not use the day to give yourself a much needed pampering?

(It’s slightly more therapeutic than tearing the heads off of sickly pink teddy bears at Tesco!)

·         Bubble Bath

What is more indulgent than a long uninterrupted soak in the tub? Leave your phone in your room, light some candles and pop on your favourite playlist. Why not make it THE bath…you know the one where you get everything done, you shave, you exfoliate you clean between your toes and clear out your belly button! Use those products that you have been saving for a special occasion…if spending an evening with your lovely self isn’t a special occasion what is?!

·          Friend Date

If spending a whole night in your own company really is too much for you on “the most romantic night of the year” meet up with a fellow single friend you have been meaning to catch up with, give them a ring or even arrange a Skype date if they are a little further afield. A friendly face if sure to make you ignore all the fact they are probably showing a mooshy rom-com marathon on ITV2.

(Or Shaun of the Dead…they are probably showing Shaun of the Dead.)

·         Face Mask

So you already jumped into your PJs and running a bath seems like a lot of effort…why not slap on a face mask while lounging in front of your favourite movie or that TV series you’ve been meaning to start!

It’s 4 for £3 on Montagne Jeunesse face packs at Boots so invite a couple of friends round and have a sleepover that pre-teen you would be jealous of!

·         Manicure

Give yourself a DIY manicure or if you’ve got some money to spare pop down to the salon and get pampered in style. Either way you will feel great, and your nails will be ready for a night out on the town with the girls on Saturday!

·         Catch Up

Valentines falls on a Friday this year so if all the above sounds like a bit too much at the end of a busy week I finish with an easy peesy no effort required night: Curl up on the couch with a family size bar of dairy milk and a stack of the latest magazines and catch up with all the latest fashion and beauty news. I could happily do this every day…but I get through magazines waaaay too quickly so I have to ration myself!

Can’t quite afford a magazine splurge? Download the Bloglovin’ app (for free!) to your phone/tablet and find discover a world of beauty, fashion and design blogs!

Whatever you do, have a fun night your way…you deserve it!

And from one single to another…here’s James Franco cradling a puppy…

james franco-puppy(You’re welcome.x.)

Let us know what you are doing with you this Valentine’s Day below!


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