Living with Curls…

My name is Natalie…and I have curls.

A lot of you may be confused by the definition of curls. By ‘curls’ I do not mean this:

I mean this:

A lot of you may be suffering from curls yourself, but don’t worry, you are not alone. From one sufferer to another I am here to pass on the lessons I have learnt, to make living with curls easier.

1.       Do not brush the curls

This is a mistake we all make at least once. For me it was the first few years of high school! We often think that brushing the curls will make them more manageable, tame the inevitable frizz and perhaps even magically straighten our hair…

It doesn’t.

What we end up with is a horrific poufy mess that is then unwearable in public!

But of course we have to brush our hair at some point to untangle ourselves…so what are we to do? I have found the best time to detangle is just after washing my hair, if you use a wide toothed comb or a wet brush you will avoid damaging the hair while it’s wet yet ensure you don’t get the dry frizz!

2.       DO NOT brush the curls!

Seriously, just don’t.

3.       Don’t over straighten

When you have curls you often feel isolated from the sleek straight haired beauties…their hair looks like something in a magazine…or the movies…it’s just sitting there not appearing to cause them any hassle.

So we straighten. We straighten and straighten until our hair finally calms down and we too look a straight haired beauty.

And it’s great and people say we look amazing (I didn’t look amazing before?) the hair compliments become addictive…people like our hair…they really like it!

So we start doing it every day.

Bad move.

As much as I love my straighteners, I do have to step back. My hair ends up broken and damaged 2 weeks after a haircut. Yes heat protectors are great…but I find it’s best to avoid straightening at least every other day to ensure my hair gets a break.

4.       Find a good intense conditioner

As we tend to do more heat styling and brushing and teasing and faffing than the average human, our hair needs a little bit of extra TLC so I definitely advise getting a good intense conditioner and/or oil on your side. I highly recommend:

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil’ (it can also be used to calm frizz, wahoo!)

VO5 Give Me Moisture Hot Oil Treatment’ (fab weekly treatment)

L’Oreal Elvive Damage Care Spray‘ (a light, deep daily treatment)

Herbal Essences Bee Strong Leave In Conditioner‘ (a light daily treatment that also smells yummy!)

5.       Regular trims

Damaged hair tends to look and feel more awful on a curl sufferer, as it turns into a knotted frizzy horrific mess that is essentially un-stylable! I am the worst person for getting regular trims but this year I am determined to be good in order to keep my hair healthy, happy…and controllable!

6.       Say ‘meh’ to at home blow drying

I have chatted to my other curly haired friends and we all agree that at home blow drying is a complete waste of our life.

We all find it a lot easier loosely straightening your hair (to calm the curl rather than get it pin straight-yes straight haired people…there are different levels of straightening!) and ruffling a loose curl back into the ends. Or if you have the money get a professional to do it!

7.       Diffusers!?

Again…I find this a bit of a waste of my life. Either you’re going for a full on 70’s vibe-in which case it is ideal! Or you have to have the time to do a whole lot of prep work…i.e moosing your hair and wrapping sections hair around your finger, then using the diffuser…you do get a less frizzy mess…but I whole heartedly admit it is something I VERY rarely do.

8.       Learn to live with the curls

You don’t have to suffer alone…there are millions of people around the world who suffer with curls every day.

They may be messy, they may be completely frustrating….there may even be days you consider simply shaving your head so the pain and horror will finally be over.

But at the end of it all I would rather have a wild unpredictable head of curls that gives you a different look every hour of every day than boring ol’ straight hair!*



How do you deal with your curls?! Let us know below!


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