Ruby Wing Colour Changing Nail Polish-Review

I took my mum to Sally’s for their Feb VAT free day (I say took…she was driving and I needed some essentials!). As I ran about looking for cotton pads and grips my mum took time looking at all the nice shiny things, when she came across this polish she ran across the store to show me!

I admit to being initially sceptical, the colours in the bottles were stunning pinks and creams, pearlescent and glittery…but I have been disappointed by many a nail polish claiming to be something it’s not. So when I read ‘scented’ and ‘colour changing’ my logical brain told me to save my pennies and move on.

However, my mum was having none of that and told me I’d be foolish not to at least try it as it was VAT free…so here I sit reviewing it! (When my mum thinks something’s a good idea…it generally is!)

I went for ‘Sweet Cream’ in the Cupcakes & Champagne range, but honestly all the colours looked gorgeous, it was a serious toss-up between ‘Sweet cream’, ‘Doux’ and ‘Chocolate Mousse’.


When I initially opened the bottle I was hit with the standard nail polishy smell…but there was a weird sweet under tone to it that left me thinking OK…I’m listening…

As I finished the first coat I gave them a sniff…and there it was…real life scented nail polish! It smells sweet…as the name suggests creamy-I’d say yes very reminiscent of butter cream (YUM!)

Even after I washed my hands the scent was still there and I have woken up the next morning and I can still smell it as I type!

All in all 10/10 for the scent!

Colour changing:

In the bottle Sweet Cream is a pearlescent pink. I applied the polish to bare nails to let it do its thang all on its own.

The polish goes on well, it has a nice brush (I’d say it was a fairly standard brush though, nothing like Rimmel’s thick rounded brush-which I love) and the formula is a perfect consistency.

I put on 3 coats, but for me this looks a lot better layered over another colour  ( L’Oreal Paris 104 Beige Countess works reeeaally well) however if you want a jazzy alternative to the spring sheer nail look this will serve you well on its own!

So…sweet cream is supposed to change from a sheer pink to a dark brown…

I am yet to observe this drastic a change. Yes it does change colour-but I would say it goes from said pink to…a purple colour with strange green under tones.

As I said, the colour change looks a lot better with a colour underneath…but as far as I have observed the change is nothing like they claim.

I’ve got to give it 5/10 for colour change and that honestly breaks my heart because I want it to be amazing!

So…was the mother right? Would I buy it again?

…yes..I would like to experiment with the other colours because they did look stunning and they are fab colours if you forget about the whole colour change aspect!

Have you tried any polishes from the Ruby Wing range? Let us know what you think below!


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