My Top Beauty Icons!

We all have those women that make us sigh with a mixture of admiration and envy, those beauties that we can’t help but try and replicate! So I thought I would give you a run down of my Top Beauty Icons…

15. Bridget Bardot

I’ll admit this lady is mainly here for her hair and her chic 60’s style.

Never again will we see hair so artistically piled up…too many times I have tried to replicate this on myself and failed…one can dream though…one can dream…

14. Cindy Crawford

The height of her career may have been during 80’s/90’s but her beauty is timeless. To recreate this bombshell look go for a windswept blow out and don’t forget the mole!

13. Kiera Knightly

Our very own English beauty Kiera Knightly. Kiera has a timeless beauty that is emphasised in the variety of period roles she has had. She has been the face of Chanel- arguably one of the most iconic fragrance brands, that promotes seductive elegance.

Often seen with minimal makeup when away from the red carpet, she lets her natural beauty radiate through.

 12. Lucy Liu

Actress, model and artist. Reportedly Lui won’t even have a facial as she believes they are damaging to the skin! My list wouldn’t have been complete without this raven haired vision!

11. Eva Longoria

My all-time favourite housewife! She started out as a pageant girl and then went on to grace our screens and magazines and became the face of L’Oreal Paris on the way!

 Get her look by keeping your lips natural and going for a sultry smoky eye.

10. Charlize Theron

This blonde beauty has caught my eye on many red carpets for all the right reasons.  She echoes the beauty and grace of old Hollywood with an effortless charm.

(…and how can we not love her as Rita on Arrested Development?!)

9. Rihanna

Looking back at Rihanna circa Music of the Sun it is amazing to see the transformation she has made and has done it without causing too much of a fuss about it…

*cough* Miley Cyrus *cough*

She is becoming MAC’s go to girl and even has her very own VIVA Glam shade.

Rihanna exudes sex appeal whether her hair is blonde, brunette, red, grey, short, long or anything in between. She is a true chameleon and I love seeing what her next look will be.

8. Sophia Loren

A picture speaks a thousand words…and boy does this woman know how to take a good picture! Speak with just about any man who grew up watching her on screen and they would be hard placed not to put her at the top of their list…which isn’t surprising when you see her envy inducing curves!

To replicate Loren’s signature look opt for a strong angled brow-avoid those tweezers ladies!

7. Naomi Campbell

We’ve all heard the horror stories…but at the end of the day this woman’s beauty is undeniable and seemingly unfading! Ms Campbell has worked in the modelling industry since she was 15 and doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon… Thank. God.

6. Diana Ross

Diana Ross

Dianna rose to fame as the lead singer and founding member of The Supremes, then broke off to make a name all for herself. Her name sits at number 6 for her gorgeous big eyes and stunning bone structure.

5. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Unless you really know your Bollywood, you will probably know Aishwarya best for her leading role in Bride & Prejudice. She has also been a L’Oreal brand ambassador (like our number 11 icon Eva). Her exotic mix of blue/green eyes and caramel skin makes her face the envy of women the world over.

4. Elizabeth Taylor

The girl with the violet eyes. There is something completely captivating about Liz Taylor, whenever I stumble across one of her many TV biogs, I have to stop what I’m doing and watch. Whether it is the gilded headdress in Cleopatra or her wild romance with Richard Burton…I just don’t know. Either way she has cemented herself in time as one of the top beauty icons.

3. Marilyn Monroe

Where would an icon list be without Marilyn? Is it her mystery that keeps us drawn to her beauty or simply that for decades since her death women have been replicating her bombshell look?

2. Beyoncé

I’m just going to let these images speak for themselves…

1. Angelina Jolie

I love Angelina Jolie. To me she is stunning; I get far too excited waiting to see what she’ll wear on red carpets (my all-time favourite being the emerald Versace dress) And her bone structure. Her bone structure just makes me ache with jealousy.

Her seemingly endless humanitarian work for UNICEF confirms that she is actually a gorgeous human being inside and out…


So that wraps up my list! Who’s your favourite Beauty Icon? Let us know below!


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