Men of The Oscars 2014

So the buzz of awards season is drawing to a close, but I couldn’t leave you without covering my top men’s looks from the Oscars red carpet!

       Kevin Spacey

  Is there anything Mr Spacey can’t do? ….the answer I’m sure is no.   He arrived on the red carpet in a French navy blue suit and bow tie, his look here is classic and timeless with a twist.   Spacey’s clean shaven and hair cleanly parted on the left. Proper Gent!

·          Brad Pitt

His glorious golden locks are no more…he has returned to his less biblical look!

 He swept his top heavy style straight back and left what I can only really describe as ‘bum-fluff’ on his face, although said ‘bum-fluff’ is starting to look silvery, could he be the next to compete with Clooney for silver fox status?

·         Leonardo DiCaprio

It was yet another empty handed Oscar’s night for Leo…one day Leo…one day…

But on the plus side he looked mighty dapper on the red carpet! (Note the bedazzled buttons) He was one of many to don neatly groomed facial hair-the line along his jaw emphasises his jawline giving his face a stronger masculine look. Take note!

·         Michael B Jordan

Star studded collar? Damn right.

Michael B Jordan is one of the few people I have seen who somehow manages to look clean shaven…with facial hair! I’m going to put it down to his impeccable complexion.

He also wore gold plated shoes…just sayin.

·         Jared Leto

How could he not win? He came out looking like a rock n’ roll Jesus, white tux jacket and all! His long mane has an ombre dye style (darker on the top subtly graduating down to a lighter colour) which helps it look less like a mop and far more on trend (somehow!)

Leto also beat out all facial hair and should definitely win the Oscar for best red carpet beard! …also that should be an award.

·         Joseph Gordon-Levitt

This man constantly exudes timeless style and this year’s Oscars were no different.

 Joseph arrived clean shaven with his hair loosely parted on the left –not using gel left the look looking a lot softer.

To replicate this style use a light hairspray instead of a gel to keep the look in place while keeping a natural look.

So that’s it for this year! Boo 😦

Are there any other men’s looks you loved this year? Let us know below!


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