Man Brows.

And we’re back! Jay and I are here to talk about brows. Man brows.

Lately I have been hearing some man brow horror stories…men with mighty monobrows, men with a couple of hairy caterpillars sat on their face and then the man with only 30% of his eyebrow left after a grooming mishap (this one is my personal favourite).

Y’all seem to be a little bit confused about what to do when it comes to brows. Which is unsurprising, women are surrounded by guides and youtube tutorials about the never ending variety of shapes we can get away with (or not). So I am here to save you!

It’s not as complicated as you are making it!

For at home brow maintenance:

·         Invest in a sharp pair of tweezers, the sharper the tweezers the easier the whole process will be! Tweezerman are arguably the best, however if you find a sharp pair of Boots own tweezers go for it.

·         Decide what shaped brows you have, forget about the stray hairs in the middle and around the outside…focus on the bulk of hair, what is it doing, here are a few examples for you-

-Straight Brows:

The men with no natural arch to their brows, sported by the likes of Mr Brad Pitt

-The Messy Arch:

The men who have a natural arch to their brow like gentleman Leonardo DiCaprio- this may be subtle of fairly prominent

-The Drake:

The men with thick and unruly brows that also manage to keep a prominent shape…how does he do it?!

·         Set a time to groom your brows after a hot shower: the steam opens up your pores, which makes removing the hairs a lot less painful…no more tears!

·         Draw on the shape you want to achieve with a white eyeliner pencil (ask to borrow your mum’s, sister’s, girlfriend’s…buy a cheap one from Bodycare…or online if you want complete anonymity). White ensures that you are able to see the line clearly and see the hairs you want to remove. Again you are focusing on the bulk of your brow and keeping those pesky stray hairs on the outside of that line.

·         Pick up those tweezers and take things slow. This is the point where you may panic, get rid of too much and then start coming up with a million excuses as to where your eyebrow went.

·         Only get rid of the hairs on the outside of your line and remove the hairs one hair at a time so you can see where the shape is going and avoid excess pain!

·         To trim long brow hairs brush them down and give the hairs a trim with a pair of straight nail scissors-again do this a little at a time or you may disturb the shape you are trying to create

·         Walk away from the mirror and come back so you can see your brows with fresh eyes and don’t get fixated-this is where we all make mistakes.

·         ‘Your eyebrows are sisters not twins.’ Or brothers in this case-don’t aim to have identical eyebrows-it’s an impossible task and you will just look a bit odd.

·         When in doubt stop! You are much better to take off too little than too much. You can always come back to it another day when you’ve had time to evaluate the situation and will avoid looking something like this:

·         To keep your brows in place use a teeny bit of hair gel or spray hairspray on an old toothbrush and comb it through your brows


If you want your brows reshaping (or just aren’t confident grooming by yourself)

Head to a Brow Bardon’t look at me like that!

40% of Debenhams Brow Bar customers are men and they offer a variety of options. You can ask them just for a tidy up, or if you are after a slightly more dramatic shaping, they offer threading and waxing (these are both very painful options for first timers- you have been warned!)

Threading is the process using a twisted piece of thread that has its origins in the east. It removes the whole hair including the root (or bulb) so will last longer than plucking. It is a better option than waxing if you have sensitive skin as there is nothing put directly onto the skin.

Waxing is the one you hear horror stories about! It uses hot wax and fabric strips to remove the hairs and like threading removes them from the bulb- so again it will last longer than plucking.

The Shavata Brow Menu for Men

Both of these practices ensures your hairs grow back thinner and sparser if done on a regular basis (you should notice a difference after 3 treatments)

Realistically you may only have to visit a brow bar once so long as you are willing to maintain the shape regularly at home.

So there you have it! I’ve given you all I’ve got! (*said as Scotty*)

Good luck and happy grooming!

Have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Either pop a comment below or tweet me @natsimonemakeup


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