DIY Lemon and Sea Salt Foot Scrub (Perfect for Mother’s Day)

So it’s almost mother’s day and if you are anything like me you are running around racking your brains for something to get her (or worse this is the first time you have realised it’s almost Mother’s Day!)

Well have no fear; I come to you as your personal Mother’s Day Saviour!

This lemon and sea salt foot scrub won’t break the bank (everything can set you back as little as £6) yet acts like a high quality scrub. Perfect right?!

mothers day

So to make this scrub you will need Olive Oil, Lemons, Coarse Sea Salt and a small jar/pot to contain it (Kilner jars are perfect- I found my jars at TK Maxx in the kitchen section for around £3 each but can also be found at Dunelm)

I suggest soaking your jar in boiling water while making the scrub to ensure it doesn’t have anything that could contaminate your pressie!

Start by grating the zest of 2 lemons-you’re just taking of the outer yellow skin, stop when you reach the white!

Pop the zest into a small mixing bowl and add in 6oz./170g of salt and 7tbsp of Olive Oil

Mix it together until all the salt is coated in the oil and the whole mixture is yellow in colour.

Once it is fully mixed spoon it into your cooled jar and you’re done!

You can decorate the jar with ribbons, gift bows…anything your can get your hands on that will give it that super personal touch.

Hopefully that has helped you out of a tight spot!

Have you got any last minute gift ideas? Let us know below!


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