Revlon Nail Polish Review

First, apologies, my posts may begin to get fairly sporadic as I am in the midst of a house renovation! Fear not, I haven’t forgotten about you! But do bear with me for a couple of months!
This review comes after a week of tearing up carpets, ripping off wallpaper, carrying boxes and tiles and a whole host of other overhaul madness-all of which are a manicure’s worst nightmare.

I am rubbish at keeping nail polish unchipped. It doesn’t matter if it’s a higher end polish or a 50p one at the bottom of a bargain bin. It doesn’t bother me too much as I like to regularly change my colour anyway. However, it does get fairly frustrating when I know I won’t have time/energy to change polish midweek (like this week for instance!)
But this is where I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised by Revlon’s polish.
I slicked on a couple of layers of this polish on a Saturday evening. The following day I went on an outdoor location shoot which involved lugging around a heavy kit, climbing of fences and generally using my hands on cold cold conditions-I looked at the polish in the evening and there it was unchipped.

revlon polish
The following day I tore up around 7 carpets and 3 rooms worth of lino-here is where I cursed myself for spending time and effort on painting my nails knowing that I would be doing a lot of handy work. But again, I looked down at my nails and there they were…unchipped…
On the Tuesday I spent 3 hours removing the most stubborn wallpaper I have encountered! I used this time to also think about what shade I should go for next…a coral maybe? A lilac? But here is where it just got weird, at the end of the night my nails remained relatively unscathed….one chip and one knick in another.
I have used their polish before but I have simply never noticed its apparent indestructible qualities!
This polish is my new best friend. They have a wide variety of colours so you are bound to find one to fall in love with!
I’ll definitely be stocking up to keep my nails looking fresh for the next few months!

Have you tried Revlon’s polish? What did you think? Let us know below!


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