Cloud 9 Flat Iron Review (The Original Iron)

I love them.
Ok…so that doesn’t really count as a review…so…here’s why I love them…
I was first introduced to the Cloud 9 range of hair tools during my training at BAMM (Bath Academy of Media Makeup) and instantly fell in love.
The first thing you notice is the sleek design, black matte and slim-not too slim though. They sit nicely in your hand and are very light weight, again not light the light feeling you get from the cheaper end of the flat iron market, they feel sturdy without feeling bulky.

The function that I enjoy most of all…is that you can control the heat…(we all know the brand(s) that do not offer that function and are often referred to as THE straighteners among the straight hair community!) The heat goes from 50-200 (and then ‘High’) but I have never had to take them past 150.You don’t even need to run over the same bit of hair 5 times-I know you’ve been there! Which means that you’re hair doesn’t get over exposed to the heat.

I recently used them on mixed Caucasian/Afro-Caribbean hair…and they worked like a dream. My client’s hair was wildly curly and amazingly thick, she claimed that it would take her at least 3 hours to get through her own hair and even then she would often give up as it was just a task!

2014-03-18 14.42.58

However we got through her hair in 45 minutes (this sounds like a long time but there was a whooooole lot of hair there!) I ran over the same piece of hair no more than twice and it was straight…my client was shocked at the results, in a good way!

2014-03-18 16.09.13
They are a higher end product, so I wouldn’t blame you if you flinched slightly at the price (Professional stylists can get a discounted price by signing up here). However I promise they are worth it- maybe worth dropping some birthday hints!

They really are a dream to use and I honestly would not use anything else. They slide through hair they leave a wonderful smooth glossy finish
In my opinion….these are the best!


Have you used any Cloud 9 products? Let us know what you think below!


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