My New Favourite Thing!

I love body butters, moisturisers and everything in between…they always smell amazing and there’s something so luxurious about them. However, I hardly ever use them!
I feel they take up so much time; you have to slather them on and then awkwardly stand around naked in the bathroom while that greasy feeling goes away and you can actually get dressed without fear of endangering yourself!
So I save them for ‘special occasions’ (i.e when I have time and patience to deal with the above issues!)
However, that does leave my body fairly neglected moisture wise…and although I’m not drying up into a husk like being I am aware that my largest organ should be getting the TLC it deserves!

So…this is where I share with you my new favourite thing…Baby Oil.

baby oil
Yes I am late to the party on this one, but I always saw the adverts of the mum showering with her baby and assumed they were simply trying to wangle a few more pennies out of new mums.
Then I read an interview with Beyoncé’s makeup artist who swears by the stuff -not only for video shoots but after the shower.

Shameless excuse for a Bey pic

I’m sorry, what?! Beyoncé’s makeup artist uses it? I NEED IT IN MY LIFE NOW!

And that’s where I very quickly saw the error in my naïve ways…!
Instead of towelling yourself off and then having to go in with the moisturiser, you use it as soon as you turn the shower off (I keep mine in the shower so I keep up with the routine) simply slick it all over yourself…and then you towel off -a patting motion rather than a rubbing motion is more effective here.
And that’s it!
There is still that slight greasy feeling but it is gone in a matter of minutes (if that) and you are left with super soft skin….dare I say …baby soft?!
It is the easiest and best thing I have added into my shower routine and I can’t believe I didn’t do it before!!
What are your moisturising secrets?! Let us know below!


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