Super Quick DIY Face Scrub!

I love a good exfoliator, I am often not happy until it feels I have torn off about 6 layers of skin! (No this isn’t healthy…no I don’t recommend it!) I just really love the fresh face feeling you get from a good exfoliator. I personally love St Ives Invigorating Apricot Face Scrub. Hands down one of my all time favourite products.
However if you are between shopping trips and have run out, or are trying to save a few pennies here is a quick and easy alternative that you can make from a spare baking ingredient!


You just need baking powder or bicarbonate of soda (I find both work equally as well, so which ever you have in the cupboard). Pop around a teaspoon of the powder into the palm of your hand and mix it with water until it forms a thick paste-you really don’t need a lot of water for this, you’re best working in drip measurements as a little goes a long way!
If you are feeling a bit more fancy you can use liquid cleanser to form the paste rather than water.
And voila! Use your finger tips to massage the paste into your face in nice circular motions, rinse off and continue your routine as normal.

Easy peesy!


Do you have a favourite exfoliator? Let us know below!


2 thoughts on “Super Quick DIY Face Scrub!

    • Looks great! Welcome to the wonder wold of blogging!
      Can’t wait to see some of your stuff!
      If you fancy keeping up to date with my posts give us a follow back 🙂
      Good luck! X

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