Facial Hair: Full Style Guide. Part 2- Moustaches

Facial hair has become a massive fashion staple for the modern man. Not only has it become a regular on catwalks and redcarpets, it also takes over a whole month to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer and mental health (Movember)-the modern moustache is practically a life saver!

But when it comes to styles…do you know your Chin Beard from your Van Dyke?!

This week I am bringing you a three part break down of facial hair styles so you can be more in the know about your Mo.

Part 2: Moustaches

From the bountiful beard in Part 1, we move swiftly on to the more refined moustache. In my opinion, it takes a man with true self confidence to pull off a good moustache, as they can add real character to your face.

So if you’re a hardcore hipster,  or have been looking to rival Selleck  or just fancy keeping the chill from your upper lip choose you’re style wisely as it could quickly become your identifying feature!

The Original:

original moustache brad pit

Brad Pitt in one of his many facial hair choices

Exactly what it says on the tin! A neat moustache that sits just above the top lip. No muss. No fuss.


Chevron tom selleck

Tom Selleck. Keeper of the most admired moustache around.

From Freddie Mercury to Ron Burgundy a Chevron is the moustache of champions.  A Chevron moustache covers your entire top lip and tends to be fairly thick. If the hair goes beyond  the top lip it then becomes a Walrus Moustache (Which is just as attractive as it sounds…)
Pencil Thin Moustache:

vincent price pencil

You could look like Vincent Price…

A super thin strip of hair outlining the upper lip…often seen on stereotypical french men!

Pencil Thin Mr Weed Family Guy

…you could also look like Family Guy’s Mr Weed…

Fu Manchu:

dr fu manchu

The man himself

Named after Fictional Chinese villain Dr Fu Manchu. A Fu Manchu is a thin narrow moustache that grows down in 2 long tendrils with the pointed ends hanging past the jawline.
Toothbrush Moustache:

toothbrush charlie chaplin

We’ll stick with the less dictatory example!

You know this one. A small and tall moustache that doesn’t extend beyond the nose…made popular by Charlie Chaplin…made unpopular by Hitler…
Horseshoe Moustache:

Hulk Hogan handle bar moustache

Hulk Hogan

Worn mainly by wrestlers and cowboys (always a fabulous combination) A horseshoe moustache has long bars pointing downward-not to be mistaken for the Handlebar M

Handlebar Moustache:

Simon le bon handle bar

Simon Le Bon. No, really! Simon Le Bon!

The most iconic of all moustaches….king of the moustache if you will! A moustache styled with lengthy and upwardly curved extremities; a shorter version is named the petit handlebar (Poirot style)

poirot petite handle bar



And that’s it for moustaches, the last part of this series will be coming to you soon where we will cover combinations of beards and moustaches and everything in between!


Stay tuned!

cat moustache

Cat moustache. Artistic or creepy…you decide.

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