Facial Hair: Full Style Guide. Part 3 Combos and Everything Else

Facial hair has become a massive fashion staple for the modern man. Not only has it become a regular on catwalks and redcarpets, it also takes over a whole month to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer and mental health (Movember)-the modern moustache is practically a life saver!

But when it comes to styles…do you know your Chin Beard from your Van Dyke?!

This week I am bringing you a three part break down of facial hair styles so you can be more in the know about your Mo.

(Missed the first two parts? Click here to catch up!)

Part 3: Combos & Everything Else!

So we’ve covered beards and moustaches in all their independent glory, but here for my last installment they are coming together to bring you a final flourish of fabulous facial fuzz!

wiggins sideburns

Bradley Wiggins with his Tour de France winning sideburns.

Originally known as Burnsides-named after civil war general Ambrose BurnSide. Sideburns are the patches of hair in front of your ears that can range widely in size and length. Size really doesn’t matter when it comes to side burns…
Mutton chops:

Bill Murray showing how Mutton Chops are really done.

Mutton Chops are long side burns that should connect to a moustache (but they are often seen without moustache). If both moustache and mutton chops are present but not connected it becomes The Gunslinger…either way you need to be in a Western or sat in some sort of upper class Gentleman’s Club circa 1876.
The Van Dyke:

zach-galifianakis van dyke

Zack Galikianakis and his beautiful example of a Van Dyke

A Van Dyke, named after the 17th century painter Anthony van Dyck, is a full goatee with a floating moustache (I’m fairly sure Neil Buchanan sported something similar in Zzzap!)
The Balbo Beard:

balbo beard christian bale

See, you’re not the only one who ends up with ginger bits in their beard…

A Balbo Beard, represnted by the lovely Christian Bale here, is a beard without sideburns and a trimmed, floating moustache (I’m not the only one who’s strangely hypnotised by it right?!)
The Anchor:

the Anchor

Robert Downey Jnr


A pointed beard that traces the jawline, paired with a moustache…that together, funily enough, look like an anchor!


House stubble

Dr House. (Stubble may not enable you to solve medical mysteries)


If you’re after that rugged bad boy vibe, this is the one for you. Technically speaking, stubble is classed as any length of hair which is long enough to be seen, but short enough not to fully cover the skin beneath.

5 o’clock Shadow:

john hamm 5oclock shadow

John Hamm


Reserved for the manly office commuter, 5 o’clock shadow is simply extremely short stubble (as it would look at 5 pm after a man had shaved that morning)

Clean Shave:

Justin-Bieber clean shave



No facial hair at all! Smooth as a baby (baby baby)‘s behind.

(…sorry, it was right there…!)


That’s it! I hope you have found a few styles you can break out for this year’s Movember

I am all out of facial hair based information for a little while! But fear not, I shall be back with more of your Man Stuff soon!

My run down clearly isn't exhaustive...!

My run down clearly isn’t exhaustive…!


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