Date Night Checks!

Whether you it’s your first date or your ‘every third thursday when the baby sitter is free‘ date, you want to look and feel your best. So here I bring you my date night checks that make the process run slightly smoother!

1. Keep hair and makeup simple
There’s nothing worse than sitting worrying about whether you need to go and reapply your lipstick or whether your falsie is stuck down properly or whether those few hundred grips are keeping your intricately styled hair in place.
So keep hair and makeup simple but effective, why not try a loose romantic curl and a soft smoky eye?

Miranda Kerr proving that soft curls &smokey eye looks beautiful and effortless.

Miranda Kerr proving that soft curls &smokey eye looks beautiful and effortless.

It’s more work beforehand but worth it for a worry free evening.
2. Hair be gone
From brows to legs and everything in between! However it is you like to maintain it, this is a definite must before date night! Don’t test out a new hair removal cream or wax strip on the day of…if in doubt stick with the trusty razor!
3. Keep comfortable
Yes you look amazing in those skinny jeans…but remember how you can’t quite sit down in them?

I’m not saying go out in your trackies and hope for the best (I am NOT saying this!!) but it is essential that you pick an outfit that is comfortable and fits well. Your date does not want to see you hoick up your cute strapless top all night!
4. Breath check
Need I say more?! Listerine is your date night friend!

bad breath
5. Smile!
At the end of the day your smile is your best beauty asset. Yes it’s cheesy… but undeniably true!

So show off those pearly whites and have a fantastic date!

What are your date night musts?
Let us know below!


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