Top Shaving Tips

Jay and I are back! (You know you’ve missed us…)

With summer attempting to break through and the beard inducing Game of Thrones season drawing to a close (*sob*) you may fancy switching up your look from sad stubbly season 3 Jaime, to the child crippling, sword swinging, fresh faced Jaime of season 1!


So I’m here to bring you my top tips for the best shave!

  • Shave after a hot shower

The hot moisture generated by your shower will open your pores and soften your skin and facial hair, making life a lot easier when it comes to shaving!

  • Fresh blade

Never ever use a blunt razor…it’s simply not worth it, it is one of the main culprits of razor burn and ingrown hairs.


If you try and stretch the life of a blade to avoid having to fork over money to the razor gods…I can understand and sympathise, however, in my opinion you’re better off buying a lot of cheaper single blades than one 3 bladed wonder razor. Trust me!

  • Foam, Gel or Cream

As mentioned in myfirst point: soft face=easier shave. And this is where these bad boys come in to play. They all serve the same purpose and really it’s down to your personal preference, but opt for one that is glycerine based to further reduce the chances of your skin drying out.

I recommend you give Dove Men+Care Shaving Gel Sensitive a go (half price at time of typing!)

  • Start the shave

With your free hand keep the skin taught. Shave in short strokes (no more than 1-2 inches) with the grain of your beard and don’t press the razor down too hard against your face.

Rinse your blade regularly in warm water

  • Rinse

Once you’ve finished rinse your face off with cool water to close your pores, this helps avoid irritation and clogged pores. Pat dry with a fresh towel.

  • Moisturise

Apply a post shave balm to help soothe your skin and ensure your face gets the moisture it needs for the day. Give NIVEA MEN Anti-irritation Post Shave Balm a try (also half price at time of typing!)


And there you have it, follow these steps and your fresh face with thank you!

Now you have the hot tips when it comes to shaving, why not try setting up a basic skin care routine


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