Top 5 Finds This Summer

Long time no speak! I apologise for neglecting you my lovely readers!

I have been a very busy bunny over summer with work and lovely things, but you have always been on my mind when I have found products that I have quickly fallen in love with. So I am here to bring you my top 5 pics for summer, that I am sure to be loving throughout winter!


1. Pretty Quik Instant Nail Polish Remover

pretty quik

I have used this for years and years….but a whole lot this summer! As I’ve said before I am a nail polish addict, I change my nails week in and out which means a lot of time taking the old stuff off, which is not a fun task! However this little pot makes life so much easier and makes taking off GLITTER  a lot easier…yes folks…glitter!

You simply stick your finger into the hole in the sponge and twist it about…and voilà, your nails are ready for a fresh coat or a little breather…which mine could reeeally do with before I go mad with winter nails!


2. Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara

big eyes mascara

Unfortunately I can’t take credit for this one…my mum found it and I have to say it is beeeaaauutiful…I may have ‘borrowed’ it a few times…

I admit that I thought having the 2 wands was a bit excessive and silly…but I am happy to admit when I’m wrong! The smaller wand picks up your lower lashes wonderfully and helps avoid the black smudge effect that can occur with the average sized wands.

The bigger wand took me a little while to get used to, I find it works best with a wiggle at the bottom of your lashes then twist the brush between your thumb and finger-this makes the most of the brushes shape which is sort of twisted (think DNA).

This is definitely becoming a make up bag staple…what can I say,  mum’s know best!


3. Wella Professionals Oil Reflections

wella oil

The smell. The smell. The smell….I could bathe in it I really could.

But it’s not just here based on smell! It has proved itself to be a great conditioning treatment for my poor dry curls over summer. You just need a couple of pumps onto damp hair before styling and you can even use one pump as a finishing touch over styled hair to add shine and stop frizz.

I found this at my hairdressers, I am yet to find a high street store that stocks it, so best ask your hairdresser or pop online to find it


4. Soap & Glory Lid Stuff Flawless Finish Eyeshadow (in What’s Nude)

soap and glory lid stuff

Again…another find by my mum (I better watch or she’ll be after her own feature!) This was given to me as a birthday present as she knows my growing love of nude pallets! This is a lovely set that you can keep in your handbag and make a quick transition from day to evening eyes.

The Vanilla is a subtle highlighter for the brow bone and inner eye and the Mudhoney is great for filling in your brows (for darker brows only…I’d go easy if you have fairer brows!)

I use the Pink T as an overall lid colour for day looks and then go in with the Aubersheen for a smoky evening look, as the shadow blends beautifully.


5. Garnier Skin Naturals Softening Cleansing Lotion For Face & Eyes

garnier cleansing lotion

When it comes to a good cleanser and toner routine I am rubbish! However as Winter is Coming and the cold will soon ravage my skin, I am trying once again to get into a solid routine.

This is a lovely gentle cleanser that leaves your skin feeling soft, supple…and clean! Just pop a blob onto a cotton pad and wipe over your face and eyes (yeeess it does remove waterproof mascara!)

I’d also recommend the matching toner as it is lighter and feels a lot less harsh than previous toners I’ve had (where I feel I’d be better rinsing my face in vodka!)

Remember to finish off  your routine with a good moisturiser.


So go forth and have a play with my finds! Did you find any products you can’t stop using over summer?

Let us know below!



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