Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickener- Review

You’re about to witness something rather rare from me…a negative review.


(There’s a happy ending though so hang in there!)

miracle nail thickener

Sally Hansen owes me one miracle…


I purchased this product about a year ago, as my nails had been trashed by a super speedy nail course I took part in. With taking acrylic and gel nails off and then reapplying…they were weak, brittle and starting to get a little sore. All in all they needed a lot of TLC, so I took off to Boots to find something to help…and I came across Sally Hansen’s Miracle Nail Thickener.

Perfect! I thought and rushed home to slick a layer on….

The product goes on fine-it is a slightly thicker, clear nail polish and the smell is as inoffensive as nail polish can be.

SO what’s the problem?

It just doesn’t work! It chips off on the day of application, it doesn’t matter if I apply it thinly, or thickly, in hot conditions or cold, it will chip off that afternoon.

I am not heavy handed and an average polish can last me up to 2/3 days without a chip, so for it to not even last a day I find ridiculous!

At first I thought perhaps my nails were so weak that it was them causing the polish to chip somehow, but I have tried the polish again with my nails at full strength and it’s just the same…if not worse, so it’s not me Sally. It’s you.


Now don’t get me wrong, I am usually a Sally Hansen fan, so I am in no way bad mouthing their products as a whole…this one is just super disappointing and I urge you not to spend a penny on it…in fact even if it’s free don’t use it, it’s useless.

I will however highly recommend Sally Hansen’s Nail Nutrition Green Tea and Bamboo, which is what I reluctantly switched over to. I found this a much better product, it’s not as thick and works really well as a base coat if you want to give your nails a quick treat!

nail strengthener



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