Tips for Lush Lashes!

Ah the humble eyelash….treated right they can be the perfect finishing touch to a glam eye makeup or just make you look slightly more awake in the wee hours of these ever darkening mornings!

So here is a selection of quick tips for making the most of your luscious lashes…

  1. Wiggle and Twist

Yep! Get those lashes moving! I have found the best way to coat your lashes is the wiggle and twist action.

Place your wand at the base of your lashes and wiggle it backwards and forwards (towards your nose then towards your ear) do this quite rapidly. Then twist the brush between your thumb and index finger so that the brush rolls up the lashes coating them evenly.

I find this gives a lovely natural look with great separation and lots of length.

  1. Take it off at the end of the day

panda eyes

‘Do as I say not as I do’ has never been more fitting here! I am rubbish for taking my mascara off at the end of the day, but it does your lashes the world of good to give them a rest over night and I always notice how much fresher I feel the next day with clean lashes-not to mention clean pillowcases!

If you have the patience for a full cleanse and a spattering of eye cream* before bed, you win super star points.

But for those lazies out there (myself included!) at least give your lashes a once over with a face wipe!

*Cheap eye cream alternative: Vaseline

  1. No clumps!

Clumpy lashes make me sadder than sad. IMO mascara should be used to enhance the lashes your mamma (or papa) gave you…not leave them looking like some sort of fly trap!

To avoid the clumpy look:

  • wipe excess mascara from your wand before combing through your lashes
  • don’t use the old stuff- the older the mascara the clumpier it can get, so don’t fight with the ends of the tube, indulge in a brand new one
  • re-comb through your lashes with a clean mascara wand, this will help separate your lashes without adding more product, which can often lead to a case of the clumps!

      4. Bottoms Up!

Tired of smudging mascara all over your beautifully shadowed lids?

Do it backwards…Apply mascara to your bottom lashes first then your top lashes!

Honestly this trick has saved my eye makeup more times than I can count and it’s a trick I also use on my clients. For extra smudge protection, try tilting your head back slightly when applying to your top lashes.

      5. Fake it…they’ll never know!


If you feel like fluttering fuller lashes about town, but still want a natural look opt for individual fake lashes or simply cut down your full set of lashes using just half of your fake lashes on the outer half of your eyes.

** Quick Tip for Brand New Lashes: Before applying any glue wrap your new lashes around a pen/pencil/makeup brush. This puts a curve into the base of the lashes making them much easier to apply as they will sit  tighter against the natural curve of your eyelid! **

If, however, you find yourself  applying falsies most days a week you may find it easier, faster and cheaper to consider semi permanent false lashes, or if you have fair lashes a quick tint. But please remember to always speak to a professional before doing anything near your eyes!


Do you have any top lash tips?

Let us know below!


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