Spot Prevention For Men

Spots can appear at any age and can be down to a dozen different factors. Whether you suffer with them on a long term basis or just have that pesky outbreak every now and then following these tips should help kee Keep face clean (and hair) This may seem rather obvious…but let’s start with the […]

Top Shaving Tips

Jay and I are back! (You know you’ve missed us…) With summer attempting to break through and the beard inducing Game of Thrones season drawing to a close (*sob*) you may fancy switching up your look from sad stubbly season 3 Jaime, to the child crippling, sword swinging, fresh faced Jaime of season 1! So I’m here to bring you […]

Man Brows.

And we’re back! Jay and I are here to talk about brows. Man brows. Lately I have been hearing some man brow horror stories…men with mighty monobrows, men with a couple of hairy caterpillars sat on their face and then the man with only 30% of his eyebrow left after a grooming mishap (this one […]

Basic Skin Care. FOR MEN!

If you are a man and you are reading this…it’s ok. I won’t tell anyone. See…this isn’t scary…pretend I’m Jay Z and we’re just chillin’ and everything’s cool… I’m just Jay Z…talking to you about skin care. We’ve gotten past the awkward “guy liner” stage and have settled on the fact that it is perfectly […]